Breast Friends offers a variety of resources, including to help patients, survivors, caregivers, and extended community during various stages of breast cancer. To learn more, contact us at 503.598.8048 or via email at

For Patients and Survivors

We have put together some resources to help you through your diagnosis, treatment and beyond. Click on the following resources to learn more:

Preparing for a Mastectomy

Get Moving – Exercise

If you are interested in learning more about what we offer or just want to talk, please contact Allison Hancock, Executive Director at


For Spouse/Partner
and Children

As the person closest to the patient, you will play a significant role in her healing. Our resources help guide you to be the best support system you can be during this challenging time. Click on the following resources – ” Ideas of  Support” and “When Mom Has Cancer”,  please call Breast Friends Office at 503.598.8048 or email

Family and Friends

Breast Friends has developed several programs to help the patient by teaching family and friends what is important for her journey. We hope you will find the inspiration you need to fully understand the role you can play in her healing. Click on these resources – including tips to show you care, one-on-one support and a helpful list of do’s and don’ts when communicating with her. If  you need additional support contact Breast Friends at 503.598.8048 or email


Family, Friends and Co-workers can be a valuable source of support for the patient. Small but meaningful gestures can be of tremendous help for women going through a diagnosis of cancer. Sending a card of encouragement, providing a meal or just making a phone call. Click on this resource on how to help – Here are some tips on how to show you care. If you need additional support contact our Breast Friends Office at 503.598.8048 or email

Stories of Impact

Stories from the women and families that have been part of our programs. Their lives have been touched in a tremendous way as Breast Friends has walked with them along their journey.

The essence of Bald is Beautiful is captured in words, but more importantly in the silent beauty of photography. The magic of the moments where joy rises and spirits soar. Transforming from a patient to a person again all in the blink of a lens.

Being diagnosed with cancer is perhaps the most frightening thing you will experience in your life. This video shows the value of support and how important it is for a woman going on the cancer journey.

Experience the Sisterhood of Breast Friends through the eyes of women who have walked in your shoes. See the impact that our programs had on their journeys with cancer.

You are not alone. Sometimes the best medicine is having someone to talk to who gets it. Fear is lessened within the community we’ve built for you at Breast Friends.

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