Helping women survive
the trauma of cancer, one friend at a time.

Breast Friends’ mission is to ensure that no woman goes through a diagnosis of cancer alone. Regardless of where you are in your journey, we are here for you. Helping you navigate this new and challenging path in your life with support and understanding.

ABOUT US Because We Walk In Your Shoes.

Co-founders Becky Olson and Sharon Henifin, both breast cancer survivors, realized the need for an organization whose purpose was to reduce the sense of isolation and fear that often came with the diagnosis. Becky and Sharon understood, through their own experiences, that family and friends, though well-intentioned, were unsure of how to help. They set out to build a community of support that would fill the emotional needs of women from the time of diagnosis through thriving beyond. With great pride, in 2000, Breast Friends was established. Because of their passion, we now do what we do. When you connect with Breast Friends you are connecting with a history of empathy, compassionate support, interactive programs and a sense of community. A constant reminder that two women built a haven in the storm of cancer and named it Breast Friends.

Always remember that the women at Breast Friends will walk with you on your journey, because we too have walked in your shoes.

ABOUT USSurvivors & Professionals
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Breast Friends is a unique resource for women, their families and friends; striving to minimize the fear and isolation of cancer. Our staff of dedicated women, through their personal journeys, understand the challenges that a diagnosis can bring. They get it!

Becky Olson


Sharon Henifin


Allison Hancock

Executive Director

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Office Manager

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Becky Olson


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Member at Large

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Member at Large

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Member at Large

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Member at Large

“Breast Friends has saved me emotionally through this stressful time in my life while navigating cancer. Just when I thought no one understood what I was experiencing, I found this incredibly beautiful community of women that get me. We immediately bonded and now have such a special sisterhood.”

Jessica Spencer, 2019

OUR MISSION For over a decade our programs have empowered thousands with emotional support and hope.

Breast Friends is a unique resource for women, their families and friends. We have created a community within our programs that helps minimize the fear and isolation of cancer; all while helping them celebrate the joys of life.

FACT No matter who you are or where you live, breast cancer may touch your life.

In 2019, about 268,600 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in women in the U.S. alone. Progress in treatment and early detection has led to improved survival for people of all ages and races, and with all stages of breast cancer. In fact, there are more than 3.5 million breast cancer survivors in the U.S. today (more than any other group of cancer survivors)

Source: American Cancer Society. Cancer Facts and Figures 2019

Patient Programs

Our programs help patients and survivors rediscover their balance through our workshops, support groups, activities and one-on-one counseling. In addition, Breast Friends offers free treatment related accessories.


Breast Friends is pleased to offer resources for patients who have been recently diagnosed, those undergoing treatment and for those facing challenges beyond.


Breast Friends offers a variety of community based fundraising events and activities yearly: Spring Gala, Summer Golf Tournament, Annual Luncheon and Open House. We welcome donations and sponsorships for all events.

Get Involved

Breast Friends needs you to be on the frontlines to ensure that no woman fights cancer alone. We could not do the important work we do without our community involvement. Opportunities are available to volunteer, make a donation, host an event or create an online fundraiser to support our sisterhood.

Breast Cancer Support Radio

Hosted by our co-founder Becky Olson, Breast Cancer Support Radio provides fresh, informative and inspirational topics weekly. Bringing together specialists in the field of cancer, integrative medicine, life coaching, and much more. We welcome guest speakers and sponsors.

Breast Friends App

Free, multi-functional, simple to use and available on Google Play or the App Store. Users are welcome to visit it as a guest or subscribe and take advantage of the full experience.

Breast Friends has been a crucial part of my breast cancer healing journey. I've gotten to document myself and my family in the Bald is Beautiful program; I've received support from Ginger and Yvonne being apart of the breast cancer support groups and even received a beautiful wig for free when going through chemo! I can't thank them enough for their continued support!

~ Christine

This year's Survivors Retreat changed my life. To spend a weekend surrounded by such incredible Warrior Sisters when I was so fresh from treatment was the inspiration I had no idea I so desperately needed. It left me uplifted, strengthened and with a new group of women I am lucky to call sisters.

~ Pixie

"A voice reaching out to me... I was not alone.... the pathway isn’t so dark when a “Breast Friend “ holds the light! She had been that way herself!"

~ Sandra