Radio Show Confirmation

Thanks for contacting us about being a guest on the radio show. Your application has been received.

Now that you have submitted the form, you will need to send in a head shot (not to big) in jpg or png format to

Information in Review

Part One – Guest and show information is due at least two weeks prior to your show. Sooner is better. We can begin promoting your episode as soon as we receive the document.

Part Two – Talking points is due at least one week prior to your episode.

Questions? Michelle’s Cell 310-801-1512 or

See below for call in instructions, show links and suggestions how to announce your participation in this radio show.

Call in Instructions:

Live show – Michelle will give you Zoom information. If you do not have Zoom access, the Guest Call in number is 866-472-5791 – Call at 8:55 am pacific for a sound check. (We go live at 9:02). Preferably from a landline – not on speaker. If a mobile phone is your only option, please make sure you are in an area with good service, fully charged, turn off your blue tooth, and don’t use a head-set or speaker.

Pre-recorded Interviews: If we are pre-recording your interview due to scheduling conflicts, please call in at your scheduled pre-record time. Use this number: 1-877-702-2116

Show Links:

Live Link:

(this link will take you to whatever show is live at the time you click it.)

Archives: (available 24/7 for downloads)

Show Format: This is a live call in-show. Sometimes guests call in and ask a question, but it is not common. Most of our listeners are through on-line downloads. We have over 5000 downloads per month.

Each show is three segments separated by two short breaks. We will keep track of when we come in and go out. Don’t worry if we don’t finish content before the break. We can pick up where we left off. The day before the show, we will prepare an outline, based on your talking points, and will email it to you so you can follow along.

We recommend you listen to some of the archived shows to get a feel for our show format and personality.

We are looking forward to having you on as a guest. Thanks for your participation.

Suggestions how to announce your participation in this radio show:

AN ANNOUNCEMENT FROM (your business or name here)

Hi (recipient),

A conversation for you, friends and family members challenged by a diagnosis of cancer- or any life-threatening illness – or simply seeking wellness:

I am honored to have been asked to be a guest on this week’s VoiceAmerica Breast Friends Cancer Support Radio Network. Michelle Beck, a 2 time 9 year breast cancer survivor and thriver, has asked me to be her guest – and discuss…..

Add your topics here:

(Examples of topics you might discuss on show)

  • What you do
  • How you got into this field? (due to life event?)
  • Some of the greatest challenges you face in doing your work
  • What are your greatest blessings
  • How your product or service benefits the cancer community

Breast Friends is a nonprofit organization started by Sharon Henifin and Becky Olson so that no woman would feel alone on her journey – and to provide needed resources to those facing the challenge of breast cancer, as well as to their families and friends. Please visit their website for more information:

The interview will take place on Wednesday, ________. You can visit for more information about the interview and time the episode will be replayed. If you, a friend or family member have breast cancer, I encourage you to visit the VoiceAmerica site. They have archived an impressive list of previous shows and speakers. I found these to be outstanding and so valuable!

I hope you will be able to join me for this interview. My intention is to make it a valuable and informative experience.

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