Get Involved

Breast Friends needs you to be on the frontlines to ensure that no woman fights cancer alone. We could not do the important work we do without our community involvement. Opportunities are available to volunteer, make a donation, host an event or create an online fundraiser to support our sisterhood. To learn more, contact us at 503.598.8048 or via email at

Donate to Make a Difference

Breast Friends is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which relies on the generosity of corporations, organizations, and individuals for financial support. Your gift goes a long way to ensure that no woman goes through cancer alone. 

During the course of the pandemic, Breast Friends has continued to be a source of strength and hope for women battling cancer, and we are proud of the community we have nurtured via Zoom.  Our mission for the coming year is to remain a safe haven for these incredible Warrior Women.

You, our community of supporters, are vital to accomplishing that task.    We cannot do the important work we do without people like you!

Please join our Annual Friends and Family campaign and support Breast Friends by making a tax-deductible gift today. Your generous gift will allow Breast Friends to help women survive the trauma of cancer…one friend at a time.

Our staff and team are honored to be a part of making a difference in each woman’s life that are part of the programs.  Thank you for helping to provide hope, support and community to our patients and for being part of our Breast Friends community.


The CARES Act that was passed in late March instituted a provision allowing people to deduct $300 for charitable contributions.  You can read about all the details below:

  • “Deductions under the CARES Act must be in cash (including checks and credit card payments) and given to a 501(c)(3) public charity. Contributions to non-operating private foundations, support organizations and donor-advised funds don’t fall under this new deduction. Because the CARES Act deduction is a universal above-the-line deduction, a donor can list their contribution as an adjustment to income on their taxes.
  • If a person is married and filing jointly, their deduction is still limited to $300.
  • In short, with the CARES Act, if someone donates up to $300 in cash to a qualified organization, their adjusted gross income will be reduced up to $300.
  • Another benefit of this provision is that they don’t need to include documentation when they file gifts $250 and under — just be sure they keep proof of cash receipts. And remember, all gifts exceeding $250 need to include the receipt or proper documentation when filing.


Volunteer Give the Gift of Your Time

Our volunteer staff is instrumental in our mission at Breast Friends. We are always looking to welcome members of the community who are willing to give us their time and expertise to make a difference in the lives of our patients and survivors.  Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 we are not able to accept volunteer applications at this time.  Please check back in the future as we have several volunteer opportunities and would love to share additional information. 

Host an Event Host a Breast Friends Event

Making a difference can be as easy as making a pot of tea and inviting friends in to hear about our programs or host an after-hours event with proceeds going to Breast Friends. There are many ways to help support Breast Friends in your own community. Please contact Allison Hancock at 503.598.8048 or email her at