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For 23 years Breast Friends has been providing emotional support to women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Our dedicated staff and volunteers are committed to support all women from the moment of diagnosis, through treatment and beyond.

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Breast Friends is a unique resource for women, their families and friends; striving to minimize the fear and isolation of cancer. Our staff of dedicated women, through their personal journeys, understand the challenges that a diagnosis can bring. Through their own experiences through cancer, they have found hope and want to share that with others. They come alongside each woman with understanding and compassion. 

Allison Hancock

Executive Director

Aimee Berg

Patient Programs Coordinator

Liz Brown

Events & Social Media Coordinator

Katje Johnson Jacobs

Patient Programs Assistant

Brooks Fuentes

Patient Outreach Specialist

Erin McNally

Events Assistant

ABOUT US Because We Walk In Your Shoes

Co-founders Becky Olson and Sharon Henifin, both breast cancer survivors, realized the need for an organization whose purpose was to reduce the sense of isolation and fear that often came with the diagnosis. Becky and Sharon understood, through their own experiences, that family and friends, though well-intentioned, were unsure of how to help. They set out to build a community of support that would fill the emotional needs of women from the time of diagnosis through thriving beyond. With great pride, in 2000, Breast Friends was established. Because of their passion, we now do what we do. When you connect with Breast Friends you are connecting with a history of empathy, compassionate support, interactive programs and a sense of community. A constant reminder that two women built a haven in the storm of cancer and named it Breast Friends.

Always remember that the women at Breast Friends will walk with you on your journey, because we too have walked in your shoes.

Remembering Becky Olson, Co-founder Forever In Our Hearts

We remember the life and legacy of Becky Olson. There are no words to express the sadness that the Breast Friends community has experienced.  On April 24, 2021, Becky lost her battle to metastatic breast cancer. During her 25 years of battling breast cancer, she has impacted thousands of people. 

Becky co-founded Breast Friends along with her good friend Sharon Henifin in 2000. She dedicated her life to helping women survive the trauma of cancer…one friend at a time. It is through their dedication and commitment that they have inspired others to carry out the mission of Breast Friends. Breast Friends will continue to make a difference for years to come.

As host of the Breast Friends Cancer Support Radio, Becky had the opportunity to interview people from around the globe. The topics ranged from living with cancer, thriving beyond cancer, nutrition, side effects, exercise and more. You can hear these wonderful interviews on the Voice of America Health and Wellness Channel or your favorite podcast platform.

Becky will be truly missed for her infectious smile, sense of humor and perseverance. She will be forever in our hearts and her legacy will continue to make an impact. Read more about her life and legacy here. KGW also honored Becky with a wonderful tribute.


Linda Milford

Walk and Talk Coordinator – Westside

Debbie Ploegman

Walk and Talk Coordinator – Eastside

Karen Beall

Walk and Talk Coordinator – Vancouver

Connie Sewing


Belinda Martin

GNO Leader – Tigard

Marianne McNally

GNO Leader – Salem

Andrea Jarvis

GNO Leader – SE Portland

Debbie Vuylsteke

GNO Leader – Hillsboro

Marilyn Buckhalter


Linnea Gerwitz


Helen Condon



Laura Willems


Michelle Waddell


Leslie DeFrancq

Vice President

Melissa Thomsen


Cory Collins

Member At Large

Kristin M. Mauro, Ph.D.

Member At Large

“Breast Friends connected me with a wonderful volunteer mentor who I feel I can call anytime for support, who will understand what I am going through and who will offer advice and compassion without pity.  My mentor checks on me regularly and I so appreciate her!  We are well matched in our interests and style of communication and I feel like Breast Friends gave me the perfect gift of a lifelong friend.  She has also inspired me to be a good mentor for others in need of support.” – Michelle

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